5 december Sinterklaasavond @ BethelBoven

sinterklaas evenening bethelboven - 5 december Sinterklaasavond @ BethelBovenThe fifth of December, everybody is welcome at Sinterklaasevening. We’re looking forward to a fun night. And ‘Sinterklaas’ is always visiting us, so for sure there’ll be presents. Take a wrapped present with you of max. 7 euro.

TIP! This is an excellent re-gifting opportunity 😉
Otherwise you can buy one @ the nice cheap giftshop in the towncenter: http://www.flying-tiger.nl/

So we hope you will join us the 5th of december @ sinterklaasavond.
Bring something to drink/eat and share too.

Hope to see you with presents and maybe something drink/eat to share you
december 5th 19:30 uur @
BethelBoven, Thomas Schwenckestraat 30, Den Haag

Sign in by: [email protected] or phone Edgar: 06 34196796.

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