Transitiecinema A Thirsty World Friday 7 September

Transitiecinema A Thirsty World Friday
Wanneer: Friday September 7th 18:00/19:30 hrs
Nutshuis, Riviervismarkt 5, 2513 AM Den Haag
TransitieCinema A Thirsty World
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Today, against a backdrop of sharply increasing demand, growth in the world population and the growing impact of an unsettled climate, water has become one of the most precious natural resources of our planet.
Faithful to Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s reputation, A THIRSTY WORLD, filmed in some 20 countries, reveals the mysterious and fascinating world of fresh water through spectacular aerial images shot in regions that are difficult to reach and rarely filmed, like Southern Sudan or Northern Congo. It also lets us discover the most beautiful landscapes on our planet, the lakes, rivers and wetlands created by water.
A THIRSTY WORLD attempts to bring together Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s trademark aerial view of the world with the harsh, everyday reality of all those people who are deprived of water and may even die for lack of it, the people engaged in the daily struggle to find water, purify it or bring it to those who need it.
The film is built up on a host of encounters. A shepherd from north Kenya looks us in the eye and says he has killed for water and would do so again. Women dance when water finally arrives in their village. An atypical United Nations ambassadress talks about her combat to make governments too commit to providing access to water and the most modern purification techniques to guarantee the survival and health of the poorest populations.
18.00 TransitieCinema Dinner by Juni Café in Het Nutshuis
19.30 Screening “A Thirsty World” by TransitieCinema
21.00 Q&A with expert panel
– Micha Werner, Associate Professor in Flood Management at IHE Delft and Senior Hydrologist at Deltares.
– Zaki Shubber, Lecturer in Law and Water Diplomacy at IHE Delft
18.00 TransitieCinema Dinner by Juni Café in Het Nutshuis
19.30 Screening “Speed – in search of lost time” by TransitieCinema
21.00 Workshop, drinks and informal discussion!
* Admission to the MOVIE is for FREE (but we appreciate donations!)
* Make sure to ARRIVE ON TIME, the doors are closed when the movie starts or the venue is at full capacity.
* The DINNER is vegan and can be reserved online at (you can also join without a reservation)
* The movie and event are in ENGLISH (but we try to accommodate for Dutch too)

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